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Could it be that...

  • You need a quickly operational, additional team member for a few months because it is such a busy, critical time for you (e.g. upcoming product/indication/campaign launch, planning of key meeting) but you are unable to commit to a permanent headcount?
  • You have a planned or unplanned vacancy in your team and you need a professional interim marketer to ensure continuity of projects in the short-to-medium term?
  • Your role means that you do not have the time to get involved in 'operational details' so you may need someone you can rely on for programme implementation?

Valeriane was specifically created to help you develop or implement your pharmaceutical marketing projects more quickly and effectively.

With headcounts being increasingly difficult to secure, having an experienced external team member that jumps in when needed can be lifesaving and reassuring.

By outsourcing some of your projects to Valeriane, you can be reassured you can rely on the expertise of a dedicated marketer with over 20 years’ experience in pharma/medical devices to support your new or mature brands by:

☑ Providing adaptable levels of support, on a project basis, to relieve  

☑ Delivering on brief, budget, deadlines, in a compliant way, with 

    strong attention to detail
☑ ‘Hitting the ground running’ quickly

Many clients have used Valeriane’s services again and again to increase temporarily their marketing resources for key projects, including some which had had to be deprioritised for lack of internal support.

Ongoing healthcare compliance CPD and extensive experience of using electronic copy approval systems (e.g. 'Veeva PromoMats') provide clients with additional reassurance on compliant and timely project delivery.

Valeriane provides external support for discrete projects or as part of an interim assignment.

Examples of the wide range of projects Valeriane can assist with include:

  • Patient material management
  • Material copywriting/editing (patient/HCP materials, newsletters, PowerPoint)
  • Project management – e.g. large meetings
  • Product launch support
  • Operational brand management

Is work ‘just a little too busy right now’? Could you do
with outsourcing the management of key projects?

Need help with patient/HCP/internal
material development?

Need to increase temporarily your marketing
resources due to a headcount freeze?

Then why not get in touch to start a conversation?
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Valeriane: cost-effective and adaptable marketing solutions 

based on your needs or those of your team. 

Passionate about consistent delivery of optimal work, commitment to deadlines and attention to detail