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Valeriane Ltd

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Consultancy – Enabling Access to French-speaking Markets 

Not just a translation service!…

When you need a commercial professional

who understands your business

combined with strong linguistic skills and cultural awareness


Communication between UK companies and their French-speaking prospects or customers can be challenging due to language and cultural barriers.

Whether you are seeking to enter French-speaking markets (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, etc.) or are already an established player who wants to expand your business further, Valeriane can help you achieve your goals.

A French national established in the UK for over 20 years with in-depth understanding of commercial issues, as well as a qualified translator (English into French), Valérie Brisse-Uhlig enables you to access French-speaking markets, for instance by acting as a 'middleman' between UK and French-speaking companies, carrying out desk research, investigating potential distributors, assisting with practical and communication challenges, etc. 

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Examples of assignments Valeriane can assist with include:

  • Translation into French of printed and digital assets, i.e. tools, materials and other key documentation such as websites, sales brochures, datasheets, press releases, etc. 
  • Desk research, to map out specific French-speaking target market(s) (e.g. competitors, key learnings including potential regulations identified, etc.) according to the brief’s requirements
  • Research, short-list and initiate discussions with potential partners in your French-speaking target markets (i.e. Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland)
  • ‘French partner’ on your behalf at key events or congresses, when being able to rely on a French-speaking representative with a commercial background to speak to your customers - business professionals, key opinion leaders or other healthcare professionals - can make all the difference
  • Practical and communication support, for instance to enable French customers to set up and purchase a UK company’s products (e.g. form completion, liaison in French with customer...), to help shipment release from customs, etc.
  • Support of recruitment process of French-speaking candidates

Valeriane is able to provide you with cost-effective and adaptable consultancy solutions 

based on your needs or those of your team.

Passionate about consistent delivery of optimal work, commitment to deadlines and attention to detail