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Valeriane Ltd

Bespoke Marketing

and Translation Solutions


Consultancy Expanding into French-speaking Markets 

Not just a translation service!…

When you need a commercial professional

who understands the strategic imperatives of your business

combined with strong linguistic skills and cultural awareness


Communication with French-speaking prospects, customers or partners can be challenging due to language and cultural barriers.

Whether you are seeking to enter French-speaking markets (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, etc.) or are already an established player who wants to expand your business further, Valeriane can support you in achieving your goals.

A French national established in the UK for over 25 years with in-depth understanding of commercial issues, as well as a qualified translator English into French, Valérie Brisse-Uhlig enables you to access French-speaking markets, for instance by acting as a 'middleman' with French-speaking companies, carrying out desk research, investigating potential distributors, assisting with practical and communication challenges, etc. 

Want to export to French-speaking markets
and take your business to the next level but
no in-house linguistic capabilities?

Is French a ‘remote memory from school’ and
you're struggling to communicate with your local
French-speaking prospects, customers or partners?

Need someone to complete documentation
in French for you to set up or grow your business
in French-speaking markets?

Then why not get in touch to start a conversation?

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Examples of assignments Valeriane can assist with include:

  • Translation into French of printed and digital assets, i.e. tools, materials and other key documentation such as websites, sales brochures, datasheets, press releases, etc. 
  • Desk research, to map out specific French-speaking target market(s) (e.g. competitors, key learnings including potential regulations identified, etc.) according to the brief’s requirements
  • Research, short-list and initiate discussions with potential partners in your French-speaking target markets (i.e. Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland)
  • ‘French partner’ on your behalf at key events or congresses, when being able to rely on a French-speaking representative with a commercial background to speak to your customers - business professionals, key opinion leaders or other healthcare professionals - can make all the difference
  • Practical and logistical communication support, for instance to enable French customers to set up and purchase products from organisations outside France (e.g. form completion, liaison in French with customer...), to help shipment release from customs, etc.
  • Support of recruitment process of French-speaking candidates

Valeriane: cost-effective and adaptable consultancy solutions 

based on your needs or those of your team.

Passionate about consistent delivery of optimal work, commitment to deadlines and attention to detail