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Valeriane Ltd


Bespoke Marketing

and Translation Solutions


Valeriane is a multi-lingual marketing consultancy specialised in providing cost-effective and adaptable solutions originally to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Because of our passion for languages, for connecting people and for adding value, Valeriane also helps organisations from any industry access French-speaking markets through its winning combination of commercial and linguistic skills..

Valeriane was founded in 2011 by Valérie Brisse-Uhlig, a French national established in the UK for over 25 years. Valérie holds an MBA from Henley Management College, a business degree from Grenoble Graduate School of Management and the Diploma in Translation from the Chartered of Linguists, London. She is also proficient in Spanish and has access to a wide network of European linguists for other language pair requirements (e.g. English-German, English-Italian, etc.).

Valeriane focuses on supporting busy Senior Leaders in pharmaceutical and medical device companies with the following core activities:

  • Project management and bespoke marketing services
  • Specialised professional translations (into French) 
Valeriane also helps organisations from any industry, through dedicated consultancy and translation services, to access French-speaking markets (e.g. France, Luxembourg, etc.).

Why the name "Valeriane"?

The valerian is a medicinal plant known for its relaxing properties.

By using the services of Valeriane Ltd, you too can now relax because you know you will be well supported in your activities by the quality and expertise provided by Valeriane

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Valeriane is able to provide you with cost-effective and adaptable marketing, consultancy or translation solutions 

based on your needs or those of your team.  

Passionate about consistent delivery of optimal work, commitment to deadlines and attention to detail